Ring Sizing

*All orders over $70 AUD include a free size exchange.

Don't know your size?

Finding the right size can be a confusing and frustrating experience, thats why we have five easy options for you to choose from so you can discover the perfect fit.
1. Order a professional ring sizing tool.
2. Download and print our paper sizing tool.
3. Measure your finger at home.
4. Measure the size of an old ring.
5. Compare AU/UK/US sizes on our sizing charts.


1. Ring Sizing Tools

We offer simple and affordable ring sizing tools to help discover your perfect fit. This is our most accurate option, and our number one recommendation.


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* Please note, every ring order includes a complimentary Ring Sizing Tool.


2. Printable Ring Sizing Tool

*Must be printed with a Desktop/Laptop Computer so the print scale can be set to 100%.
To print your own ring sizing tool, you will need a printer and scissors. Download the PDF below and print on A4 paper with the scale set to 100%.
 Download Ring Sizing Tool



3. Measuring At Home

To measure your finger circumference at home, you will need a soft tape measure or a piece of string.
Step 1: Use your tape/string and wrap it firmly around the widest part of your finger. This will be the knuckle or base/body of the finger.
Step 2: Mark or pinch the tape/string at the point where it touches back to the beginning of itself. If using string, do not stretch the string when measuring.
Step 3: Record your measurement if using a tape measure, or measure the length of string to where it was marked or pinched. You will end up with a measurement like this: 55.5mm, 60mm etc.
Step 4: View the Ring Sizing Charts on this page, and match your finger circumference to your ring size.


4. Measure Using An Old Ring

If you have an existing ring that fits you well, we recommend measuring the internal diameter and then comparing your measurement to our Ring Sizing Charts below.

When measuring an existing ring, it is vital that you only measure the width of the empty space where your finger would go. DO NOT measure the rim of the ring.


5. Ring Sizing Charts

All of our rings are made using the US sizing system. The size charts below contain all relevant sizing and conversions from the AU/UK/NZ sizing system.
We offer a range of full size and half size rings that are specific to ring type. We recommend viewing the sizing chart for the ring type you intend to purchase.
 Tungsten Rings 
 Titanium Rings
 Ceramic Rings
 Sterling Silver Rings
Silicone Rings
*Please note, with all hand crafted items, there will be minute variances in diameter, circumference and thickness.


Comfort Fit Rings and Standard Fit Rings

Comfort fit rings have a curved interior which helps them slide over the knuckle. Because of this, comfort fit rings tend to feel a bit looser than standard fit rings.
Standard fit rings have a flat interior, and are less forgiving when fitting and removing. Because of this, standard fit rings feel tighter than comfort fit rings.
*All of our rings state if they are comfort or standard fit in their product description.


Full, Half, and Quarter Size Rings

We offer our rings in a variety of sizes, but we are often asked what size to choose if only a full or half size is available.  

Example 1 - Half Sizes
If you are a 7 1/4 US, we recommend a size 7 1/2 US.
If you are a 7 3/4 US, we recommend a size 8 US.   
Example 2 - Full Sizes
If you are a 7 1/4 US, we recommend a size 7 US.
If you are a 7 1/2 US or 7 3/4 US, we recommend a size 8 US. 


Resizing Rings

Due to the strength and resilience of Tungsten, Titanium, and Ceramic rings, they cannot be resized. Every order over $70 AUD is eligible for a free size exchange, so our customers can shop completely risk free.


Want To Know More?

Should you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team.
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