Ring Sizing

Getting the perfect size is vital when purchasing a new piece of jewellery. Thats is why we always recommend using a ring sizing tool or measuring at home before making a purchase. This will ensure you get the right fit and right advice when it comes to choosing the piece that is perfect for you.

Ring Sizing Tools

We offer a simple and affordable ring sizers to help find your perfect US size. 1x Ring Sizing Tool is included with all ring orders. They are also available for purchase here.

Ring Size Chart

Our rings are made using US sizes. We recommend getting fitted for a US size when visiting a jeweller, this will ensure you receive the most accurate size for your finger. The size chart below contains the closest matching ring sizes. Please note, the below measurements are approximate sizes only. With all hand crafted items, there will be small variances in diameter, circumference and thickness.


Ring Sizes US


How to Measure from Home

Use a ruler to measure the width of your ring finger to find the internal diameter of your ring (in millimetres). Remember to measure the spot where your ring will sit. Then measure your knuckle to make sure your ring won’t have trouble fitting.

Then simply find your size using the ring chart above. Just note, this is a rough measurement and you may still need to visit a jeweller for sizing or take advantage of our one free size exchange.

Ring Sizing

Comfort Fit Rings and Standard Fit Rings

Comfort fit rings have a curved interior which helps them slide over the knuckle. This means the inside diameter increases the closer it gets to the edge. Because of this, comfort fit rings tend to fit a bit looser than standard fit rings which have a flat interior.

Standard fit rings have a flat interior, meaning the inside diameter is the same as you move along from one edge to the other. Because of this, standard fit rings fit tighter than comfort fit rings which have a curved interior. 

Comfort and Standard Fit Rings | Elk and Cub


Full, Half, and Quarter Size Rings

We offer our rings in a variety of sizes, but we are often asked what size to choose if only a full or half size is available.  

Example 1 - Half Sizes

  • If you are a 7 1/4 US, we would recommend choosing a size 7 1/2 US.
  • If you are a 7 3/4 US, we would recommend choosing a size 8 US.   


Example 2 - Full Sizes

  • If you are a 7 1/4 US, we would recommend choosing a size 7 US.
  • If you are a 7 1/2 US or 7 3/4 US, we would recommend choosing a size 8 US. 


Resizing Rings

Due to the strength and resilience of Tungsten, Titanium, and Ceramic rings, they cannot be resized. For this reason, it is important to be sized by a professional jeweller. Every order is eligible for a size exchange, so our customers can shop completely risk free. More information can be found here.


Should you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to get in touch