Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

Lifetime Replacement Guarantee


Included with all Tungsten and Titanium Rings - Only available in Australia & New Zealand.
We understand that styles and finger sizes change over time, so why shouldn’t your ring. As tungsten and titanium rings cannot be resized, we want to ensure our customers have an easy and affordable solution.
Should you need a different size, replacement due to damage, or simply wish to change designs in the future, we will exchange it with another ring of equal or lesser value for a fraction of the price.
Lifetime Replacement Guarantee Prices:

Titanium Rings: $59 AUD (per exchange)

Standard Tungsten Rings: $79 AUD (per exchange)

Wood, Carbon Fibre & Meteor Style Rings: $89 AUD (per exchange)

Opal Rings: $109 AUD (per exchange)

Please note: If a size exchange is required within 14 days of receiving your new ring there is an additional $25 AUD shipping & handling fee (Australia & NZ only).


How to Apply

  1. Contact our team to arrange a replacement. Provide your original order number and the email address used when purchasing.
  2. Once approved, you simply pick your new ring and size. We will then provide a payment link.
  3. We ship your new ring via Parcel Post with a prepaid return mailer so you can return your old ring. Express shipping is available to purchase.

Should you have any questions, or if you would like to apply for an exchange please contact our team.

Terms and Conditions
The Lifetime Replacement Guarantee is only applicable for tungsten and titanium rings purchased through Elk and Cub.
Replacement rings must be in the same metal and of equal or lesser value. The difference in price will not be refunded if exchanged for a ring of lesser value, but you will be able to exchange for a ring of the original purchase price in the future.

There is no free size exchange included with a Lifetime Replacement. If a size exchange is required within 14 days of receiving, there will be an additional fee.

Coupon codes and discounts cannot be used on a Lifetime Replacement.
You may exchange for a ring of a higher value if the difference in price is paid. Please contact us to arrange payment. Should you exchange for a ring of lesser value in the future the difference will not be refunded.
We do not guarantee the same design for life. Styles and stock levels change over time. Should we no longer offer a design you are entitled to a replacement in a different design that is currently available on our store.
The Lifetime Replacement Guarantee only offers a replacement for rings and sizes we have in stock. Should you require a size in the future that we are not able to make or provide, you are not entitled to a refund or return.
The Lifetime Replacement Guarantee is not available on custom rings or custom sizes. This means custom rings or custom sized rings cannot be replaced with this guarantee.
The Lifetime Replacement Guarantee is void if your ring is lost. You must return your current ring purchased through our store to be eligible for the guarantee.
We do not accept returns or offer refunds for any order that has been exchanged or that has used our Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. Please read our returns policy for more information.
We do not allow for this guarantee to be used to exchange for multiple items. For example, if you buy a $200 ring you cannot use this guarantee to replace that ring with 2x $100 rings. All exchanges are on a ring for ring basis.
For orders with multiple purchases (two or more rings), the fee to exchange is applicable to each individual ring. For example, if you purchase two rings and wish to replace both, you will be charged two replacement fees.
Lifetime Replacement Guarantee costs are subject to change. Current prices are not guaranteed for life. Terms and conditions may change.
There is a limit of four replacements per year, per customer.

Only available on orders placed from and/or delivered to Australia or New Zealand. 
In the event that Elk and Cub ceases trading or is sold the Lifetime Replacement Guarantee will be void.